Virtual Coffee Tasting Workshop 

Saturday September 25, 2021 @ 10:30am on ZOOM

Another free, PANE-sponsored event

In tcoffee-sidebar01his virtual, hands-on workshop, we will explore that glorious elixir, coffee. The plan is to sample specific contrasting flavors of coffee and share our experiences --- pro and con --- over Zoom. We will talk about bean selection, roasting, storage, brewing options, etc. You are welcome (read: encouraged) to use descriptive language and take notes for future reference.

Our workshop guide will be the avid mixologist and southern charmer, Derrick Peavy, who led the PANE Holiday Cocktail Making Workshop. Derrick has put together a list of supplies below here.

Join the DIY fun or simply watch and learn. All are welcome.

What You Will Need

One bag of Dancing Goats Coasta Rica LaMinita Tarrazu

Your favorite local coffee(s)

Orange and lemon zest simple syrups (instructions below)

You are welcome to substitute or eliminate as taste and availability determine. 


You will ideally have the following available during the workshop:

  • Your favorite brewing device (French press, Clover, percolator, etc.)

  • Cups, spoons & water as needed for your brewing set 

  • Paper and pen (or digital equivalent) to take notes on tastes and smells for future reference

You might find it helpful to have more than one means of brewing if only to compare how the brewing process affects the coffee tasting experience.


Saturday, September 25, 2021  at 10:30am

Zoom Meeting ID 882 520 9318

Password: Please check your PANE email for the password.

Another free, PANE-sponsored event.

How to Make an Orange or Lemon Zest Simple Syrup

Mix 8oz by volume water and 8 oz by volume sugar

Heat the simple syrup mixture until fully dissolved

Divide the simple syrup into two equal parts

Zest an orange peel into the first part.

Do the same with the lemon peel for the second part.

Let the mixtures steep for 5-10 minutes

Strain each mixture through a fine mesh screen

Store in the refrigerator a few days ahead of time

* * *

Derrick Peavy is an Atlanta entrepreneur and amateur mixologist. Self-taught, he has many detailed thoughts on coffee production, preparation, and consumption. He has led coffee tasting workshops throughout the southern US, notably at SUUSI, for the last decade. Derrick considers himself an expresso aficionado. In his spare time, he enjoys kitchen renovation.