Tiger Tent

Every two years, PANE hosts the Tiger Tent at the Princeton-Harvard football game in Cambridge.  It is one of the largest gatherings of Princetonians outside of reunions, and is an event not to be missed!  We can't wait until the next chance to experience this wonderful event.  When the time comes, contact Gregg Duthaler for more information on how you can help out for this fun event!


Every few years, the Triangle tour arrives in Boston and PANE sponsors the show.  The last show was a huge success, with over 400 people attending the show. The Triangle tour's next visit to Boston will be Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 4:00pm. 

Thanksgiving Bus

Princeton, NJ to Newton, MA
PANE sometimes runs a bus on a round trip route from Princeton to Newton.  The purpose is to transport students, staff, employees, and friends from Princeton to the Boston area before Thanksgiving and return them after the holiday.  In the past, the bus stops at the Riverside MBTA station in Newton as the only drop off and pickup location.  This event is held based on demand and resources. Check the web site to see if it is being offered this year.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee's primary responsibilities are the PANE web site and the PANE newsletter. We are actively seeking volunteers who can help us in these activities, including assistance with:

  • Web site and newsletter content management
  • Web site and newsletter design and usability