The Ivy League Summit for Women is taking place on November 9th. The event is free and virtual.  Two Tigers - Marnie Rosenberg '97 and Mary Czarnecki '00 - will be featured speakers. 


The spirit of the Summit is "Taking Off the Veil of Perfection" with a focus on the shared challenges and common denominators women face as high-achieving Ivy League graduates. The full agenda is available through the link below. You can view the promo video here.


Yes, it's free and online, and you can join from anywhere. It is for women, allies, non-binary, and anyone who identifies as a woman. All registrants will receive session replays, so be sure to register even if you aren't able to attend live.


Now here's the fun part of registering: All the speakers are in a mini-competition to see who can drive the most registrations. With that in mind, we'll leave it to you to register under the speaker you'd like to give a boost!