Happy 277th Birthday, Princeton! Get ready with your game plan, Tigers! Orange & Black Day is just a few weeks away.

This year we are celebrating all weekendlong, kicking off with the Orange & Black Tiger Tailgate and homecoming (beat Harvard!) on campus on Saturday, October 21. The fun continues through Sunday, October 22, which marks the official anniversary of the University’s charter.

Here are a few ways you can participate:
  • Come to campus for Homecoming and attend the Orange & Black Tiger Tailgate on October 21. Cheer on your Tiger teams!
  • Suit up in your best orange and black, take a photo or video and upload it to https://alumni.princeton.edu/orangeandblack. No social media presence is necessary.
  • Post your photos and videos to your social media channels on October 22, tagging @PrincetonAlumni and using #OrangeAndBlack and #BackToTheBest.

Launched by your Alumni Council in 2021, Orange & Black Day is an annual tradition which allows alumni to show their Princeton spirit wherever they may be. Check out last year’s official kudoboard for inspiration!