PANE is excited to conduct our 3rd annual “Holiday Cards for Seniors” campaign with this year’s “New Year’s Edition.”  And we’re looking for volunteers!  We’re collaborating again with Hearth Inc., a non-profit working to end elder homelessness through housing placement and they thought this year their seniors would love a boost from getting cards in early January when the dark days of winter set in.  Hearth currently has 230 units of housing – let’s make sure everyone gets at least one card.  Since 2020, we’ve sent over 350 cards to isolated seniors – let’s keep the momentum going!


Instructions are below & please RSVP to the email listed.  Our hope is that volunteers can send two to three cards but more are encouraged!  The cards aren’t to a specific recipient, so we hope each resident receives at least one.  Store-bought & homemade cards are welcomed.  And please take photos to share with us!  Photo details are also below and please direct any questions to the RSVP email.   


Thank you so much for helping make these seniors feel special and starting their new year off with a smile!


Kendra Gahagan ‘93


  • Deadline: Please postmark cards by *Friday Dec 16*

  • RSVP: please RSVP with how many cards you plan to send so we have a count to

  • Photos:  If you’re able, we’d love to see photos of your cards or smiling faces of you/family members with the cards!  Please email photos to the same email at with the subject “PANE Holiday Cards for Seniors: photos.”  **Please note in the email if you’re okay with us sharing photos that include people in them with Hearth for their social media, which they’d love to have – thank you!  Otherwise photos with faces will only be used on PANE platforms.    

  • Number of cards:  2-3 if possible or more if you can!

  • Type of cards:  Please send non-denominational/non-religious holiday cards so they can work for all residents.  Cards about the winter season or the coming year are great as well any non-religious holiday cards you’d send to others about the December holidays.

  • Salutation inside card:  “Dear Friend” or “Dear Neighbor” are great terms to use and please sign the cards however you’d like.

  • Languages:  The majority of cards need to be in English, but if anyone’s able to send a few in Spanish or Haitian Creole, those will be welcomed by those residents. 

  • Address for card envelopes: (individual cards can be mailed or multiple cards can be placed in a larger envelope, in which case leave the card envelopes themselves blank):

Hearth, Inc.
ATTN: IA Department  

1640 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02118

** NOTE:  Under ATTN: that’s the letter “I”, not the number “1”


 PANE in Return address:  Please add “(PANE)” after your name in your return address so Hearth can help us track the number of cards

 Hearth Inc resources on the web: @ElderlyHomeless   @Hearth_Inc