Princeternships: Alumni Hosts Wanted 


Princeternship is a job-shadowing and professional mentorship program in which Princeton undergraduate students connect with alumni hosts over their winter break. In Princeternship, hosts create and offer opportunities to students that integrate job shadowing, skill development and relationship-building in one-on-one or small-group settings. Princeternships take place in January and can be either an in-person experience for one to five days or a virtual experience for one to four weeks.


As one who has had the great honor of hosting Princeterns over the years, I can tell you that this program is extraordinarily rewarding for both student and host alike.  The students are well-prepared for their time with you - they know who you are and what they want from their experience before they arrive - which allows you to prepare very specific experiences for each Princetern. We hosted students for 3 days, which seemed the perfect amount of time for orientation and work.  Princeton has since expanded the program to include virtual options.  Truly, I cannot more highly recommend the Princerternship program and I already look forward to hosting a Princetern or two this January.

Host registration is open now through September 23rd. If interested, please contact Micaela Ortiz for more information and to register. To learn more about Princeternships, please follow this link: