For December we're reading a novel the Washington Post featured in its top ten list of 2021 books. Hope you can join us. New members welcome; feel free to try a session.

Book:Klara and the Sun By Kazuo Ishiguro, Knopf
Online: Please email Ashley Kellner for Hangout link
Date & Time: Sunday, December 14 6:30pm


FICTION |" Ishiguro’s first novel since winning the Nobel Prize is a delicate, haunting story. Klara, the narrator of this genre-straddling novel, is an Artificial Friend designed to provide companionship to teenagers. Why young people need robot companions is one of the questions that Ishiguro raises but postpones so naturally that the horror feels almost incidental. Although some of the themes overlap with Ishiguro’s chilling “Never Let Me Go,” this is a gentler exploration of the price children pay for modern advancements." Washington Post, November 18, 2021