Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: A Conversation

Workshop Facilitator: Tom Ehbrecht '92, Co-Chair of Sustainable Arlington

November 16, 2021 @ 7pm on Zoom














  • What is your carbon footprint? Are you working to reduce it?
  • What systematic approaches might reduce your footprint further?
  • Do you consider the impact of resource consumption, environmental impact, professional objectives, financial  investment, and political advocacy?
  • Could you work towards a carbon neutral life?


Tom image_6483441Ehbrecht ‘92


You see the news stories almost daily  --- fires in California, droughts in the Southwest, floods near the Gulf, hurricanes in the Southeast, rising seas in New England.--- that herald the earth’s changing climate.In the face of the impending crisis, you do your part. Perhaps you participate in neighborhood recycling programs or energy saving audits. Maybe you take your cues from  Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.... But what other pragmatic steps could you take to address climate change?


Tom Ehbrecht ‘92 will walk us through systematic approaches towards reducing our carbon footprint with an eye towards lessening climate change. We're expecting a lively, interactive dialog filled with pragmatic solutions. Please bring all your questions and your experiences to the conversation. 



Personal Meeting ID 882 520 9318

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Family-friendly. All are welcome.

Another free, PANE-sponsored workshop

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Tom Ehbrecht ‘92 is a 21- year resident of Arlington Massachusetts and co-chair of Sustainable Arlington. In 2019, Tom and his wife Caitlin participated in the HeatSmart program and converted their home from an oil fired heating system to an air source heat pump mini split system and solar hot water heater.  Combined with opting up to 100% renewable power with Arlington Community Electricity, this dramatically reduced their home’s carbon footprint and even saved money on their heating bill. Tom works as a software manager for IBM. He grew up in Westchester, New York and enjoys sailing, kayaking, biking, camping and choral singing.