Virtual Trufflemaking Workshop

A free, PANE-sponsored event led by Jon Edelson ’92

Virtual Trufflemaking Workshop

  • ·        Are you a longtime chocolate fan?
  • ·        Are you looking to up your baking game?
  • ·        Do you (or people you live with) appreciate opportunities to eat sweets?
  • ·        Have you always wanted to learn how to make truffles but never had the opportunity?

Our own resident truffle-maker, Jon Edelson ‘92, will lead a virtual workshop on how to make high quality truffles at home. He won’t be providing a truffle-making kit. Instead he offers tips on acquiring your own high quality ingredients (listed below here). Specifically, he recommends investing in high quality raw materials like authentic vanilla extract and chocolate from Russo’s. (Talk to the chocolate counter at Russo’s Watertown location.)


  • ·        1 kg good dark chocolate Ex. Callebaut L6040NV (Marty's or Russo’s)
  • ·        heavy cream (Marty's or Russo’s)
  • ·        authentic vanilla extract (Penzey’s) (double or triple strength or triple fold)
  • ·        flavored liquor Ex. Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Disaronna, Kahlua

Optional Ingredients

  • ·        High fat cocoa powder (Penzey’s)
  • ·        Finely ground nuts (pistachio, almond, Macadamia, peanut)
  • ·        Spices (cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger)
  • ·        Fruit extracts (cherry, blackberry, orange, lime)
  • ·        Miscellaneous (coconut, peanut butter)

We will meet up on Zoom. Jon will demonstrate the process and answer your questions as you follow along. All are welcome.

This is a free, PANE sponsored event.

Zoom ID: 882 520 9318
Passcode: (check your email or start singing. Use capitals and spaces.)
Date: 2/27/2021
Time: 7pm

Jon Edelson is an avionics engineer. He began making chocolate truffles in the mid-1990s, using tools and techniques learned at Princeton under the immortal Maitland Jones, Jr. He still occasionally ships his homemade truffles to worthy individuals around the world.

Jon holds a bachelor's degree in organic chemistry from Princeton.