Education, Race, and Justice: An Introduction to the Prison Teaching Initiative

An event sponsored by the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative Advisory Board - An invitation from Whitney Kloman Leslie ’94

I’m a part of the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative Advisory Board. The Prison Teaching Initiative was taken on by my class (Class of ’94) at our 25th reunion as our ongoing service project. We’re planning a panel event geared toward alumni, which I expect will be really fabulous. The event, entitled “Education, Race, and Justice: An Introduction to the Prison Teaching Initiative” will be on January, 28, 1-3 pm, EST. 

The event will feature a panel that includes the Princeton undergraduate co-president of SPEAR (Students for Prison Education and Reform) Masha Miura, PTI alumnus and Co-Founder of Standing for Change Dameon Stackhouse, Associate Professor Classics Dan-el Padilla Peralta ’06, and PTI graduate fellow and PhD candidate in Astrophysical Sciences Erin Flowers. 

This extraordinary group of panelists will share their own experiences with prison education and advocacy work, and highlight the urgent need for prison reform and access to education. The event is intended to introduce a broad swath of Princeton alumni to PTI’s work, and our follow-up communication will provide opportunities to learn more and get involved. 

If you’d be willing to help get the word out through the PANE network email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we really would be grateful! (Of course, we’d also love for you to share in your personal networks.) We’ve made it easy, with a media kit that includes sample language and graphics. 

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Thanks so much for considering this request. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope PANE can gather again in person very soon. In the meantime, have a happy and healthy holiday season!

All my best,

Whitney Kloman Leslie ’94