PANE Virtual Tea Party 9/5/2020 @ 2pm

Join us at one of the most exclusive cafes in town

  • Are you a Princeton alumnus with an internet connection?
  • Do you aim to socialize more in a shelter-in-place world?
  • Would you happen to keep delicious comestibles on your shelves or in your cupboard?

If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding "YES!" please join us in your parlor (sitting room, porch, couch, kitchen table...) for a cup of the finest brew your abode has to offer. We’ll encourage stirring conversation on current topics steeped in deeply held beliefs. You can top up or serve up whatever is on your plate. It's all delicious.

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Saturday September 5, 2020 @ 2pm

As an added bonus, you have lots of lovely options for what to serve in your exclusive cafe. For example, you could drink tea OR coffee. Maybe you have earned that dollop of whip cream and/or alcohol? You might even bake scones or try out that bread recipe you've been meaning to master.

Our ice breaker will be to ask for volunteers to share their travel adventures ... One lucky participant will get a tote bag with the new PANE logo