"Fault Lines: A History of the US Since 1974"

Facilitated Book Discussion on Zoom


Book Discussion of

Fault Lines:  A History of the US Since 1974 by Princeton Professors Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer

Tuesday, June 2 at 7:00 pm on Zoom,

facilitated by David Sandberg '82 of Porter Square Books and Margaret Talcott '86 of the American Inspirations Author Series

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The PANE Annual Celebration and Princeton Prize in Race Relations Awards Ceremony guest speaker on Thursday, June 11 is Princeton History Professor, Kevin Kruse, whose area of study is U.S. History since 1974.  He is the co-author with Professor Julian Zelizer of the book, Fault Lines:  A History of the US Since 1974, which developed from the blockbuster Princeton history course that Kruse and Zelizer co-teach.

Kruse has written several interesting books and has notable traction on Twitter, as explored in this recent PAW article.