Folk Songs About Hospice by J. Lind '18

Concert by Dale Fellowship Recipient

Event Name: J Lind's Songs From Hospice
**No cover (not ticketed)**
Date: 9/28/19
Time: 8pm - 9:30pm
Location: Harvard T.H. Chan Shattuck International House, 203 Park Dr, Boston MA 02215


Supported by Princeton's Dale Fellowship, J Lind '18 will be performing a collection of folk songs inspired by stories and reflections from hospice. Since April, Lind has driven over 10,000 miles and performed for audiences in more than 30 states, including for palliative care teams at Seattle Children's and Johns Hopkins. Come along and bring a friend for a night of new music and reflective storytelling. You can listen to Lind's work here or learn more at his website.