We Are America Panel at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Presenting Lowell High School Book Project by Jessica Lander '10 and Students

Tuesday April 30 - 6:30 - 8:00pm
We Are America: Voices of the Nation's Future
Expanding Understandings of What it Means to be American
This year, Jessica Lander's (P'10) students in her Seminar on American Diversity set out to explore their own personal history and draw connections between their history and the larger history of America. They felt that to better understand the history of diversity in America and the fight for equity in this country, they needed to set their story with in the larger context of the story of America. Together they spent a semester exploring their histories, and then finally telling their stories. They published their stories in their new book "We Are America". These are deeply personal stories—of finding the courage to speak, of searching for home, of seeking acceptance, of asking for help.

On April 30th, these student authors will be joined with HGSE Professor Sarah Dryden-Peterson, and Re-Imagining Migration Co-founder Adam Strom to discuss their stories, their process, and also their ideas for expanding students' understanding and appreciation for a more diverse America.

They believe it is by hearing about their personal acts of courage, their journeys and reflections, that we can better comprehend the beauty and breadth of diversity in this country.

Learn more about We Are America at their website: https://lhsweareamerica.com/

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