ASC Interview Season Underway

Alumni Interviewers Needed

The alumni interviewing season is underway—with Early Action interviews ongoing, followed by the Regular Decision round in January and February

Please contact the individual chairs below to volunteer for interviewing if you are new to the area or the process.   You may be assigned to interview individual applicants convenient to your home, workplace or other “haunts.”  There will also be interviewing days at some of the larger boarding schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for which there will be alumni group road trips from the Boston area.

N—North of Boston--David Ventola ‘85--

P—Philips Academy, Andover—Meerie Joung ’90--

V—Northwest--Rebecca Kotkin ‘85--

W—West--Jessica Jones ‘01--

X—Southwest--Olivia Hurlock ’86 —

S/M—South of Boston/Milton Academy--Michelle Buckley ’01—

Y—Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard--Mary Agostinelli ‘85--

Z—Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Brookline—Suzanne Morrison ‘89--

Philips Exeter Academy—Rachel Lisker O’Reilly ’00—

St. Paul School—Sprague Huntington ’92—