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Princeton Women's Network Dress for Success Service Project

Launching at Tapas Event at Tasca Restaurant in Brighton

Along with Princeton Women's Networks across the country, the Princeton Women's Network (PWN) of Boston is launching its first community service project in a partnership with Boston's chapter of Dress for Success, https://boston.dressforsuccess.org/, a non-profit whose mission is to prepare women for the workforce with career mentoring and donated professional clothing and accessories.

The project will launch with a Dress for Success fundraising event at Tasca Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar on Sunday, October 23 from 5 pm to 11 pm.  You can make a reservation for family and friends--or come alone to meet up with the PWN--for food and drinks--with 25% of the bill donated to the work of Dress for Success.  Raquel Frisardi '06, frisardi@alumni.princeton.edu, is promoting the idea of PWN people aiming for the early side of the long time span, so that we can meet each other, but come any time that works for you.  Here is more information about the event:


Alumnae and their friends and colleagues are encouraged to contribute items to the professional clothing drive--or perhaps make a donation to Dress for Success during the next several weeks.  We are planning a PWN dinner in the Kendall Square area in the first half of November, at which we'll hear more about the work of Dress for Success, and finish up our drive for the items listed below.  If you don't expect to be available for either of the dinners, you can contact Raquel Frisardi, frisardi@alumni.princeton.edu,  in Waltham, Mary Koger '86, mkskoger@alumni.princeton.edu,  in Dedham, or Mariyam Mirza '02, mariyam.mirza.0@gmail.com, in Cambridge to arrange a drop-off at another time and place.  Here are the items we're collecting:

Current Boutique Needs:

Full Pant Suits: 00, 0, 2, 10+

Full Skirt Suits: 00, 0, 2, 8+

Pants: 00, 0, 2, 6, 16, 18, 20+

Blazers: 00, 0, 2, 8, 10+

Dresses: All Sizes

Tops: All Sizes

Shoes: 4-5 and 8-13

Jewelry + Handbags

Please note that we are in desperate need of handbags, new sample items and new hosiery.

Looking to contribute to in another way? Check out our wishlist on Amazon. And don’t forget to choose us on Amazon Smiles!


Wish List:

1 Laptop and 4 Desktop Computers for operations and Career Center (HP preferably)

Simple Stud Earrings (pearls)

Pearl Necklaces


Bluetooth Speakers- to play music in the boutique

I pod- to put music on for the boutique

Dolly/Push Cart- to help with donations

Carpet Steamer- to clean the boutique

Gift Cards – Volunteers aren’t paid, but we love to recognize their hard work. Your donation of a gift card—from anywhere, in any denomination—helps us reward outstanding service.


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