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Alumni Day of Service on Martin Luther King Day

Spearheaded by local Princetonians and Affinity Groups

The Princeton Affinity Alumni Associations (A4P, ALPA, APBA) are partnering together to encourage a collaborative Day of Service on Martin Luther King Day in regions around the country. In Cambridge, Lori Lander '78, Jessica Lander '10, Jan Devereux '81 and Mari Badger '83 are part of the founding team of The Many Helping Hands Day of Service, for which we can form a Princeton alumni team for a service project in Central Square between 2 and 5 pm on January 18.   


Along with over 3,000 volunteers spanning ages from 3 - 93, Princetonians can participate in various community service projects, including creating Valentine's Day cards for veterans, making fleece scarves and blankets for homeless children and adults, sorting food/clothing/books for those in need, creating toiletry kits for homeless teens and putting together activity bags for children waiting in hospital emergency rooms.  For more information, check out the website at:



Contact Kathy Qu at kathyqu55@gmail.com to join the Princeton alumni team or you can sign up individually on the event website.





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