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PEN of Boston's Annual Business Plan Contest
Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network

Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network - Boston Regional Chapter

Thursday, April 26 - PEN of Boston's Annual Business Plan Contest - NOTE THE NEW LOCATION

Come to the annual business plan contest and support up-and-coming entrepreneurs!  If you wish to submit a business plan or know someone who does, please submit entries through the Contact tab at the PEN of Boston website at the following link.


Also, we strongly encourage gifts to support the business plan contest prizes.  Cash prizes and services are highly appreciated and truly help attract top new entrepreneurs to the contest.  If you wish to make a contribution, please contact PEN of Boston through the Contact tab on the website at the link above.

Event Information
Thursday, Apr 26 2012 at 6:00pm - 8:30pm [ iCal ]
Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

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