Casanova's Europe: Art, Pleasure and Power in the 18th Century

Guided Tour by Frederick Ilchman '90, Chair, Art of Europe, MFA

Please join us for a guided tour of the exhihit "Casanova's Europe: Art, Pleasure and Power in the 18th Century" at the Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday, September 12th.  The tour will be led by Frederick Ilchman '90, Chair, Art of Europe at the MFA.  We will meet at the MFA (exact location to be determined) at 6:15pm so that tickets can be distributed.  The tour will begin at 6:30 and last approximately 1 hour.  For those interested, there is an option to gather for dinner at the MFA after the tour.  This event is free and open to PANE members, alumni and guests.  Space is limited and registration in advance is required.  Please note that large handbags and backpacks will have to be checked.

For more information, contact Donna Armentano *86 


 About the exhibit:

Step into the splendor and sophistication of 18th century Europe.  In the dynamic world of 18th-century Europe, people, ideas, and artistic styles crossed national boundaries. Filled with masterful, opulent, and at times playful paintings and furnishings, salons hummed with lively intellectual exchange, witty gossip, and flirtation. To a person like Giacomo Casanova (1725–1798)—smart and confident, boastful and scheming—the possibilities must have seemed limitless.

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