Managing Your Career Trajectory: Finding/Creating a Fulfilling Career

Explore how to Negotiate Your Life Plan with David Lax '75, Saturday May 12, 1:30 to 4:00 at Lexington Community Center

David encourages people to think about their career trajectory – about career choices over the course of one’s life.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, we make a constant stream of decisions and we should be more purposeful in envisioning where we want to be at the end of next year or a few years out.  At every review we should be negotiating for professional development to help us achieve our long-range goals.  Essentially, negotiating a life plan.

Register by May 10 for free admission.  $5 at door for PANE members + guests.  $10. for others.   

Light refreshments served.  

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From David:  "Most adults spend the majority of their waking adult life working.  The ability to have work that is fulfilling is a significant part of what makes for a happy, fulfilling life. 

Yet, most career advice seems to be simplistic and often wrong.  When thinking about careers, people tend to envision making a single choice.  In reality, people make multiple choices over time and have many other choices that they likely don’t even see unless we are prepared.  In this workshop, I will talk about: 


·         Why today’s job market is not like your father’s job market (or your grandfather’s) and why new approaches are necessary

·         Key factors that make for a fulfilling professional life

·         Why career choices are more like surfing than tennis

·         Identifying and making key career choices

·         Understanding and making choices to build your human capital

·         Why money matters … but not the way you think"


 David Lax ’75 is Managing Principal of Lax Sebenius LLC, a firm that provides advice in complex negotiations to companies and governments around the world.  Clients include Shell, Diageo, Novartis, Lufthansa, American Express, 3G Capital, Raytheon.  He began his career as a professor at Harvard Business School and is coauthor of The Manager as Negotiator (1986), 3D Negotiation (2006), and numerous articles in Harvard Business Review and scholarly journals.  He teaches executive courses at Harvard.  Educated at Princeton, Stanford and Harvard, he holds a doctorate in statistics from Harvard. Dr. Lax helped start two investment management companies served on the boards of several privately held companies and serves on the board of The Abraham Path Initiative.

Please Note: This program will be filmed for Dr. Lax to create video segments of the program. 

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