Join us for a private tour of the Clarence White Exhibit at the Davis Museum

Please join us for a guided tour of the exhibit “Clarence H. White and His World” at the Davis Museum in Wellesley, MA on Saturday morning, May 19th, led by Princeton University Professor Anne McCauley.  We will meet in the admissions area of the museum at 11 am.  The tour will last about an hour, with an optional group lunch afterward in Wellesley.  This event is free to PANE members and guests with advance registration; $10 for others.  Open to all alumni, family, and friends.
About the exhibit:
"Pictorialists consciously imitated the look of etching and drawing and often turned to antique subject matter. Pictorialists were as fond of mythology and pastoralism as Poussin had been. The result was images of surpassing beauty and frequent vapidity. The true wonder of the medium — that a photograph captures a specific moment in a specific place as no painting ever can — was essentially discarded. Indeterminacy, timelessness, and evocation were the goal, rather than particularity, contemporaneity, and documentation.
White’s images are never less than appealing, and at their best they show a fruitful tension between pursuing Pictorialist precept and honoring the nature of the medium. “Telegraph Poles,” from 1900, joins soft focus to what is clearly a contemporary setting, and in a way that benefits both. “Girl With Mirror” bows to Vermeer. It would seem closer in spirit to 1612 than 1912, the year White took it. Yet note the ravishing intersection of light and geometry that the open window offers and the play of face and reflection. Optics fascinated the Dutch, and White uses that fascination in a way that’s very modern."

Read more about the exhibit in this review in the Globe.

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