Tiger Softball

A Great Summer Softball Season!

August 7: Rebecca Nemec sent this update about PANE's summer softball season (we were the champs for the last three years).

Hope all of you who played in the three games this last weekend have recovered (especially Bob Ruxin!).

So the bad news: We lost to Penn/Columbia in the championship game 11 to 7.  

The good news: It was certainly the year for upsets - the top seeded teams in league (except for #1 Princeton) were all eliminated in the first round of playoffs. And we still had a far and away better record than anyone in the league, 8 and 2 overall. Okay, I'll stop making myself feel better about second place! And way to squeak out the win against Cornell on Friday night and Saturday morning. What a nail biter!  

And as I was writing this email, I thought of a hilarious bit in a baseball movie (the bit has been partially altered). Anyone guess where it's from (my all-time favorite sports movie)????  

Linda Fredrickson: What the hell league you been playing in?

Brian Anderson: Ivy League slow pitch

Linda Fredrickson: Never heard of it. How'd you end up playing there?

Brian Anderson: Got good grades in school.  


Thanks to PANE for sponsoring us all season long and providing a great post season BBQ! Get some rest and cross-training done in the off season and we'll see ya next year!