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Help Needed: Replacing Mentorships/Internships Affected by COVID-19

A Call To Action from Executive Director of Princeton's Center for Career Development

Dear Alumni,

One month ago, the Center for Career Development put out a call for help with a new initiative. We asked alumni to provide career mentorship, and when possible, to host summer internships or curate projects for students whose summer plans have been upended by COVID-19.


More than 100 alumni stepped forward, with 34 offering internships, shadowing opportunities, or short-term projects for students to complete this summer. Thanks to these alumni, at least 100 students will be able to gain professional skills and have a meaningful summer experience.


While tremendous, we still need help! Our data indicates that approximately 3,000 students have viewed the currently available opportunities. These students are looking for ways to learn more about careers in law, government, IT, and entrepreneurship, and they also are curious about nonprofit work, data science and medicine.


The Center for Career Development hopes that you can help close the gap between the number of students looking for opportunities and the current number that we have available by:


Creating or sharing virtual summer internship/job opportunities at your organization
Developing a remote project that students complete for your organization over the summer


If you can assist, please email careervolunteer@princeton.edu, and if you have questions about what an opportunity may look like, please visit our FAQs page.

Thank you for your consideration. The strength and commitment of the Princeton community is truly special, and we are incredibly grateful for your dedication to helping Tigers at this time. If you know of any classmates or friends who may be interested, please invite them to participate.


Kimberly Betz

Executive Director
Center for Career Development

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