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Snowden Mentoring Program

The Muriel S. Snowden International School in Copley Square and the Snowden HS/Princeton and Friends Mentoring Program

Snowden International High School at Copley—Princetonians have been providing friendship, tutoring, guest speakers, field trips, and college advising support at this small, interesting Boston Public School for over twenty years.  Some alums visit the school once or twice a year to speak or help out at a “one off” event, others visit the school almost every week for a regularly-scheduled tutoring session.  PANE has a long and deep trusting relationship with the school, which allows us to plug in as needed and to offer new ideas that inspire our current alumni volunteers.

The school year is winding down. A small, committed group of alumni have worked with sophomores and juniors at the school this year. PANE is looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Muriel S. Snowden International School, a Boston public school in Copley Square. There are many useful ways for Princeton alumni to be involved at the school, many that you might imagine and others about which you might have no idea if you have not personally experienced an urban, public school. Please consider contacting us to visit the school if you’re curious and would like to learn more about this dynamic, local institution and PANE’s involvement there.

Please contact Mary Koger ’86 mkskoger@alumni.princeton.edu for further details or to explore other ways that you might like to participate.

The Snowden HS/Princeton and Friends Mentoring Program Steering Committee

Mary Sweeney Koger '86 mkskoger@alumni.princeton.edu

Murph Shapiro '64 murshap@comcast.net

Lindsey White '04 lindzi.white@yahoo.com

The Muriel S. Snowden International School at Copley

The Snowden School is located in the Back Bay, on the corner of Dartmouth and Newbury Streets, and attracts high school students from all over Boston and of many ethnic backgrounds. As one of the Boston Public Schools, funding for student activities and educational materials is limited and morale can often fall prey to the same fate.

The Mentoring Program welcomes new ideas and anyone in the community. If our scheduled meetings conflict with your availability, we still want to hear from you! We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your participation in or questions about the program.

Contact Information

Please contact the Snowden Mentoring Chair for more information:

Mary Koger '86

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